Hurricane Matthew,     4 Oct. 2016

Since Monday it’s raining and Walner Michaud, the director of the orphanage, set all co-workers free for 2 days. So far, there is no storm yet, but the canals are all full and if it starts to rain heavily everything is in danger of flooding. Already now the streets are muddy and sludge and there’s no current since Monday.

In the south of the country there are heavy rains and many victims, it is hoped the hurricane will move in direction of Jamaica and not decide for the north of Haiti. The internet speaks of 1 or 2 dead people due to the storm. There will certainly be more. Martina Wittmer tells of corrugated iron huts that collapse from landslides and houses flooded. The people get pneumonia because they are completely wet. In particular babies, children, old and sick people have big problems. In the orphanage there is the luxury of stable houses. Martina says in comparison to outside they are safe and well.

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